Welcome to my World! This Blog is an account of my adventures in music photography, nightlife and all things I love within that realm! You will also encounter a lot of Shoes, fashion and hookah/lounges because that is what makes me happy! Please enjoy the ride, stay active and connected and feel free to spread the word if you enjoy it!

Early Years

I was born and raised in Long Beach,California on the westside. I was raised by the most selfless, caring and loving mother I’ve ever known. We were on section 8 and food stamps, but my mother hustled by doing hair, cleaning houses, bartending and working at Long Beach City College to provide and I am forever thankful God blessed me with her! At 4 years old she put me into basketball, football and baseball to keep me active and put me around men since I had no father. She also had me staying with my best friend and his family every weekend so that she could work.It was through him and his brothers and sisters that I was able to develop my love for fashion,kicks and Hip-Hop! Since we were poor my mom could only do so much, but she taught me to hustle and before I could legally get a job she got me gigs raking leaves and washing cars to make money and buy what I wanted to. Once I turned 16 she got me a job at the local grocery store and thats when I really got my fashion and shoe fix! I still remember the day I bought my 1st pair of Jordans!

High School/College Years

I went to Cabrillo High School in West Long Beach and boy was that an experience lol Our school during my 4 years was still new and always under construction. I feel like I got robbed of a classic high school experience but it was MY experience and I can appreciate that! My biggest regrets from high school would be not playing baseball and football and also not taking AP classes when I could have. I played basketball and although I didn’t get a scholarship I won MVP 2 seasons that I played. I was always a smart kid and got good grades with ease. One of my favorite coaches went to Cal State Long Beach and I got accepted to go there. Although I wanted to go to a black college, he insisted that I go there and since my mom wanted me to stay close I went ahead and did that. To this day sometimes I wish I did go away but I probably would have been worse off lol I went there for 2 years and I didn’t finish. I did however do a radio show and meet a life time friend in Chuck Dizzle of real 92.3. Whats ironic is that because I didn’t finish I ended up going to Cerritos College where I continued radio and ended up meeting another lifetime friend in DJ Hed who ended up partnering up with Chuck to do Home Grown Radio.

College Dropout

After I got an AA degree at Cerritos I decided to not go back to college. I just wanted to get a degree so my mom could be proud. At that point I really didn’t know what I wanted to do in life. I got to coach high school basketball and loved it. I wanted to do that but my normal Job wouldn’t accommodate me anymore and that was a lost cause. Somehow overtime I ended up meeting Glasses Malone and that got me into the business of music. It was one of the best times of my life because although I had got laid off my job; I was able to be with him daily and travel and really learn the insides and out of the music business. I also got to see Kendrick Lamar and Top Dawg Entertainment grow into the Juggernaut that they were 1st hand. I was able to sit in on studio sessions at Top’s house, went to shows with them out of town and in town also.But over time Glasses career was put on hold due to politics and labels and I couldn’t find work in the city so I ended up moving to Houston. In retrospect, It was a dope experience to have been able to be on stage during Lil Wayne shows at the height of his success, chill in hotels with Akon and so much more. Then to look up 5 years after and see Kendrick as the King of hip hop and Punch and Top as Don’s in the hip hop business!

Wins and Losses

After moving to Houston due to not finding a stable job and seeing how cheap living is; I finally got on a job that I’m still at today! But the 2nd day on the job I lost everything I owned in an apartment fire. This was the 1st real tragedy I had experienced besides a close friend dying, but definitely number one in my life that directly effected me. I didn’t know how to feel about it, but I became numb to the feelings and showed up to work the next day as if nothing had happened. This hardened me but also made me appreciate everything I ever got again. Fast forward the time and I started to become more social with coworkers since I didn’t really know anyone out here. One day me and my guy X were having a conversation about how we can make money outside of work and decided to start our own nightlife website. In college I worked with one and learned to take pictures at event with them. So we put our money together and bought a site and camera. Although we were partners, he didn’t really have the lust for the social life. I was used to it from college parties to music life so it was nothing for me. I got out, networked and hustled my way into taking pics at parties. Then one day I decided to get shots at a Tech N9ne concert that was in town. I applied for a pass through our site and got approved. I loved how it came out and from that point on it was a passion. The club stuff got me paid here and there; but the concert stuff was like a drug. This was what I knew I wanted to do and would try to make my future.I eventually got on with a magazine based here in Houston and on my 1st issue I got the cover shot along with a ton of work in the magazine. It didn’t pay much and he didn’t even give me my full pay, but to see my work in print was the most amazing feeling! Then in 2016 1 morning I got a call that changed my life….

my uncle called me and told me my mom collapsed, and she looked like she had a heart attack. Although worried, I knew she would make it through because twice she almost died from diabetes and pneumonia. So in a matter of seconds in my mind I figured I would fly out to cali and see her and things would get back to normal. Thats when he told me she passed away. My 1st reaction was what? Like you just said she looked like she had a heart attack as if she’s still there on the floor but ok. Now she’s gone already? It was literally the worst feeling in the world. Not only that she passed but I felt like she was stolen from me.I couldn’t do anything but cry at that point. I would have thought that when I lost everything and got that numb feeling it would kick back in; but nope. Thee most emptiest feeling in the world is losing your single parent mother when you are an only child with no kids! To this day it feels like you have a home game in basketball and you have no fans in the stands cheering for you. Just the away team. God doesn’t make mistakes, and I feel photography came into my life to help me not cope with this, but use it to give me ambition and fight to become great as well as keep me occupied and help heal my heart. Now all I do is apply myself to be the best I can possibly be; to live out dreams bigger than I can imagine because I feel at this point I have nothing to lose!

If you read this far, thank you for your time, and hopefully you understand a little bit about my life and journey and will love to hear any comments or questions from this!